Sunday, November 23, 2008


finally 18! too bad i can't do anything 18 year olds can do like:
buy cigarettes, buy lotto tickets, go clubbing, go to a stripper club, go to a sex shop, go to a hookah lounge, etc...
just because i don't have my drivers license yet. boo. i just noticed that all the things 18 year olds can do are terrible and bad. :[
anyway, didn't do much. just had a lunch of chinese food and a dinner of the leftovers. haha :D
guh corny pictures.
my mom got me an ice cream cake. i thought it was so weird bc i'm not a kid anymore. :/ it was delish though, coffee almond fudge. yum.
on thursday, my boypren brought me to Yoshi's in Oakland to see the McCoy Tyner Trio with Marc Ribot for my bday. (we're okay now, thank gosh. it was all my fault with my crazy ass mood swings) it was fun.
blazer: savers (without shoulder pads and drycleaned!!! yay!!!)
top and skirt: forever21 (i just bought it that day too. haha sad. the top was $4.99 and the skirt was one of their Fabulous Finds at $7.50 i think...score.)
i got another Beatles record for my bday. last year he got me the Meet the Beatles record. <3


Sunset said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HONEY! That cake looks delicious, if only I liked coffee. And you remind me of me, how with and without glasses looks completely different! But you're so cute it doesn't matter.

Happy birthday again :D

Ess Elsie. said...

happy 18th! you can never be too old for birthday ice cream cake! ice cream cake is still the bomb, no matter what anyone says.

the blazer turned out nicely and it fits you so well. and oh gosh, the detailing on that blouse is so pretty.

thanks for your comment. and yes, fitting into brother's/bf's clothes is the best. expands our closets by a ton. (hahaha as a matter of fact, my brother gave me another sweater of his last night - score!)

FashionSqueah! said...

Happy birthday! Glad you had a nice day and that cake looks so yummy! I like your outfit too, the jacket is amazing! Char x

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday love!


aww happy birthday ! you look so adorable.. cute outfit!

I am Dane. said...

Wow amazing beatles record. Happy birthday!