Saturday, November 8, 2008


this song came up on the radio driving back home this rainy evening.
just perfect.

it brings back memories of junior prom, driving the curvy roads to half moon bay, full moon out, the smell of pine trees, and dark side of the moon playing over and over again.
also reminds me of the pink floyd laser show i saw. haha :D
anyway, today was my friend's 18th, which to filipinos, is a big deal. girls turning 18 usually have a big party called a debut. i'm kinda glad i'm not having one :D
heehee. i think it's funny how my mom is looking at me with a "is she pregnant?" look. that shirt does make me look pregnant though. :(my sister cannot take pictures. she said that she would get me a tripod and then my brother said he had a tripod this whole time. guh. well at least i can (try) to use that now.


Miranda said...

love your boots!!

Wana said...

u look awesome!
lol@the moms. duh, she had to know.. heheh. my mum wudav touched it! lmao!

Sunset said...

Thanks! I was debating for the longest time whether or not to return that hat (I still am :/).

That's so cool! I love unexpectedly meeting band kids. I've been doing it since freshman year, our last (marching) competition is next Sat! :(

Sunset said...

Btw, looove your outfit. So lazy and relaxed but totally chic, especially with those boots. :)