Saturday, September 22, 2012

Gmarket Haul #5!


Made another order at Gmarket to get things for back to school and fall! Everything shipped a week after I ordered it and it came in the usual 3 days. Estimated shipping was 5.23kg at 55,600 won and actual shipping was 3.09kg at 45,400 won. I got 10,200 won credited to my Cash Balance. Shipping per item was $3.17 with the actual shipping cost.


Etude Haul
(Etude House is having a 10% off sale until October 3rd!)

Etude House Happy Teatime Aloe Tea Cleansing Foam
on sale for 2,700 ($2.45)

Etude House is phasing out the Happy Teatime Cleansing Foams (being replaced by the Happy Cleansing Foams) so I picked up the Aloe one. I love the Peach one I'm using right now. If they had all of the varieties I would have bought them all!

Etude House Hand Bouquet Rich Vitamin Hand Cream SPF15/PA+
on sale for 4,500 won ($4.09)

I actually wanted to get the Missing U Bee Happy hand creams, but they became out of stock : ( so I picked this up instead. I really like how this has SPF in it. I should have got this a long time ago to use over the summer! The smell is so-so (not overly sweet/fragrant smelling). It smells like lavender to me. It's a good size at 50ml, but I feel like I'm going to run out of it quickly because I use it 3-4 times a day!

Etude House Blackhead Heating Deep Clean Gel
on sale for 7,200 won ($6.54)

Tried this once and I was kind of disappointed because I didn't feel it heat up. It was also a little bit hard to squeeze out of the tube. I did like the ghassoul clay and scrubbing particles in it though! 

Etude House Princess 3D Mask in Red Wine and Honey & Milk
on sale for 1,800 won ($1.64)

So excited to try these out! I'm a little worried about the neck part though. I've never tried a sheet mask with a neck part. I feel like it may be difficult to work with. I also got the Pearl Extract sheet mask as a gift.

Holika Holika Haul

Holika Holika Pig-Nose Clear Blackhead Steam Starter
4,900 won ($4.45)

I tried this once and it really warmed up compared to the heating gel from Etude House. It has a thick gel consistency and it smelled citrusy like grapefruits. It didn't open up my pores that much but I think it was because I only left it on for a minute. It contains 30ml. I also didn't get a sample from Holika Holika : ((

Holika Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner in Pink Topaz
4,900 won ($4.45)


This eyeliner is really cute! I use it at the inner corners of my eyes to brighten them up. When I swatched it the pink color showed up (it doesn't show in the picture), but when I apply it to my eyes it doesn't really show up. Maybe it's because I don't apply a lot? I haven't worn this out for a few hours, but I did rub the swatch vigorously and most of it stayed except some glitter came off. It is VERY glittery. I read some reviews that said they use it in their waterline which makes me squirm!!! I wouldn't want to put glitters in my eyes in fear of irritating it. 

The Saem Mom's Nagging Mini Doll Hand Cream in Peach and Rose
on sale for 2,100 won ($1.91)

Bought these two because The Saem was having a 30% off sale and I needed hand creams to stock up for fall! The packaging is very cute and contains 50ml which I think is a good size. I haven't tried these out (using up the Etude House hand cream first), but they smell very good!

m3117 1
M3117 Backpack (link)
6,900 won ($6.26)


Ordered this backpack to use for school. It was only $6.26!!! I like to think that most of my shipping cost went to this (instead of dividing it evenly among my items) because it's so cheap! The downfall: it smells like old, used sponges!!! The smell reminds me of hobos -__-. I feel so self conscious in class and on the light rail lol. I hope the smell goes away. The good thing about is is that is made of durable material and has plenty of pockets! 

money clutch 1
Black Motor Money Clutch (link)
15,900 won ($14.43)


I saw this on zipia while window shopping online. Definitely look in gmarket if you like something from zipia! Most likely they'll have it. This is a really cute and functional clutch! It came with a short and long strap to use as a wristlet or cross-body. It has two big pockets inside on the sides and pockets for cards. The front zipper is a functional pocket! It also came with bobby pins and hair ties from the seller. I got black to go with everything, but this comes in a bunch of other colors as well.

pleated skirt
Pleated skirt (link)
18,700 won ($16.97)


I really like this skirt! It has an elastic waist and a slip underneath. The color doesn't really show up in the picture, but it's a mustard yellow kind of color. It's a bit long on me because I'm short, but I fold the waist. It's a pretty skirt but I feel like it makes me look wider because of the pleats. I think the price is good and they have a bunch of other colors!

Black Ankle Strap Flatforms (link)
21,000 won ($19.87)


I saw these shoes on zipia as well. When I was looking for it in gmarket I found a pair that was the same style, but the bottom sole was a different color. I found the one I was looking for in another seller's shop, but it was $30! I kept on looking and finally found this one at $19.87. Woohoo right? Nope. When I opened these, it REEKED of chemicals. It makes me sad because these shoes remind me of the cheap wholesale ones from China and I bought these for $20! The shoes I have bought from Korea are usually better quality than the wholesale ones from China and don't reek of chemicals. I'm leaving them outside to air out, but I have a sinking feeling that the smell will never go away. Time to sell these to Crossroads lol!!!


Kar Mei said...

Hi. How do you make order from Gmarket? I wanted to order to purchase something from Gmarket but I don't know how. Mind telling me? This's my email,

chchcharmander said...

Hey there! Are you confused on how to order items or how to pay for them? Generally, you make an account, search around for items you want, and add them to your cart.

For payment there are a few options, but I like to use PayPal because it's the easiest and safest. If you're having trouble, Gmarket has a Help and FAQ section. There are also blog posts and youtube videos on how to order from Gmarket.

I hope this helps!