Wednesday, February 15, 2012 Haul & Review

Ordered from in December and I'm finally reviewing it! I ordered 6 items on a Sunday and emailed them the following Tuesday to ask when it will ship out. They emailed back asking if I had received an email saying one of my items was out of stock and of course I didn't. I replaced my oos item with another pair of shoes and I had to pay about $5 more for shipping. I emailed them again on Thursday asking when it was going to ship and they shipped it that same day.

What gets me is that I chose EMS shipping yet they shipped using DHL. DHL is cheaper than EMS, but I didn't take note of the difference in costs when I was checking out. I was afraid of getting hit by customs because I heard that it happens a  lot with DHL, but luckily I didn't. Still, it's pretty messed up of to use a different shipping carrier when I chose another one and paid more. I didn't email them to complain because I got the package in 3 days and wasn't charged customs. Also, it has been awhile and I believe that they can't do anything to satisfy me. If it happens to you I highly suggest you email them back asking for a refund. If they don't comply, work with Paypal.

Moving on to the items:


Korea Fashionable Man-made Fur Lambswool Overcoat



As you can see, it doesn't really look like the item in the pictures. When I took it out of the plastic bag, some of the material got all over me and the clothes so I had to shake it outside. It's okay, but it's cheap. It's one of the items I was okay with, but I haven't worn it out. I'm glad I purchased it off instead of ebay though, because if I did I would've been pissed for paying way more.

New Autumn fashion Fuzzy Fleece Sweater



This one was the worst item. The material is thin. It wasn't the fluffy soft cardigan I imagined. The buttons don't match up with the corresponding button holes. It's 3/4 sleeved but hard to pull up because it has no stretch. 

Western Style Turndown Collar Show Thin Velvet Dress



The quality of this item was alright (on par with Forever 21 quality), but what got me was the lopsided collar.  If only the collar was sewn on straight would I have liked this item. The good thing is that it's not short or too tight. Sadly I don't want it and I'm planning on trying to sell it at Crossroads or something.

Japan’s Forest Style Lovely Wool Ball Snow Hot Pants



These shorts are one of the two items that I actually liked from this order. The knit is thick and it's a style I like. The only thing that bothers me is the crotch. It's not very flattering. 

VC Tide Shoes Leopard Platform Shoes In Japan



This is the other item I really liked. I opted for these shoes for the oos item. The initial quality seems good, but I've learned my lesson with buying shoes from wholesale sites (terrible quality, falls apart, not worth it). I've only worn these once so I'm weary of the actual quality. Another thing that gets me is the chemical smell. I've left them outside ever since I got them and they still reek of chemicals. 

LENA Retro Cool Star Heavy-bottomed Platform Shoes Series

Out of Stock


Another thing I've learned from shopping online: DO NOT RELY ON THE PICTURES. They look burgundy in the pictures, but the shoes were listed "Red". Should have known. I haven't worn these out because they're too bright for me and most likely will try to sell it to Crossroads, etc. 

Overall, this haul was a fail. In my opinion, it's not worth it to buy from these type of shops. I've learned my lesson from buying wholesale shoes and now I learned my lesson buying from wholesale sites in general. It's not worth it paying how much for each item (even if it's only this many dollars per item) because most likely, the item is cheap and not good quality. I'd rather pay more for things I actually want and which are better quality. For example, Korean wholesale/non-wholesale shops. I think that the only time I will order from wholesale shops again is if I 1)Really want an item and 2)I've seen other people wear it (such as reviews or lookbook).


Josie said...


Thanks so much for this review! It was so helpful to me!

But I really like both the shoes you got. Even though you're weary of the quality, how would you say the comfort is?


- Josie ::

Charmaine said...

I'm glad this was helpful for you! :D

I haven't worn the red creepers, but the leopard ones are definitely comfy. If you can see, it has a soft lining inside. It feels a little bit weird walking in them, but that goes with any platform shoe.

Jane Chong said...

omg the items are really pretty ! haha not bad for a price like that ! :) i just ordered . waiting for mine to ship to me. i shall order the red shoes next time . really pretty !

Anonymous said...

dear , please i need your help..i bought from wholesale7 with more than 1000 usd , it's the 5th day and they still didn't give me tracking number so it means they still didn't ship although they said they need 1-2 day to prepare the order.
i talk to one of the representatives ' lily' and she never replies scared it was a fraud what am supposed to do??will they really deliver or not :(

Anonymous said...

can u plz tel me.. did you use pay pa?l or what did you use. Because im not able to order.

chchcharmander said...

@Anonymous #1: They will email you when they ship the package. Did you email them or use their online chat? I emailed them before and they replied back.

@Anonymous #2: I used paypal.

Anonymous said...

hi! i need your help too, i just ordered stuff from them but i emailed the kate person and she hasn't replied. i just want to know, who did you email? it seems i should email the same person you emailed. i also paid thru paypal and i picked DHL.

chchcharmander said...

Hi! I emailed Kate at

Wangdi said...

Thnx so much for your reviews + displaying those pics. I spent like 6-7 hrs on this today, was going to place an order worth $700 (for moi and as gifts for my frens). My instinct was telling me not to buy... so I did lil more research and came upon ur blog. I really had a bad bad experience buying stuff from and all the items on both the sites looks similar. I wld rather have few good quality/top notch product then those cheap trash. Thnx once again.

chchcharmander said...

Thank you for stopping by! I'm glad it helped! When I buy online, I like to search for reviews and pictures online to see how it is in "real life". With this haul, I pretty much sold all of the items to Crossroads, so at least it wasn't a total loss.

Thanks again for stopping by! : ]