Saturday, February 11, 2012

first gmarket haul!

I don't know why I haven't ordered from Gmarket before, but I finally did after getting fed up by the jacked up prices of safari/Korean styled jackets on ebay. 


I ordered on a Wednesday, my items shipped the following Wednesday, and I received it on Saturday. Initially, I paid $220.69, but one of my items was out of stock. My actual shipping was $45.26 and I got 7,400 won refunded to my Cash Balance. The oos item was refunded to my paypal account. My total was $181.22.

Etude House

Etude House Haul: Precious Mineral BB Cream ALL Day Strong #3, Golden Ratio Face Glam #02, Missing U Hand Cream Panda, & Color My Brows #01

1. Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream All Day Strong SPF30/PA++ in #3 Sheer Flawless Skin
   14,000 won ~$12.45

Compared with Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #27 on the Left (Etude House on the Right)

I can't talk about the qualities of this BB cream because it doesn't match my skin tone! At first glance, it looks like it matches compared to Missha's but it is just too beige/pink toned for me. In certain lights it looks like it matches, but overall it doesn't work with my skin tone : (.

2. Etude House Color My Brows #01 Rich Brown
   6,000 won ~$5.34

Unfortunately, this did not work out for me either because the shade was too light! Should've known -__-. Ah, the pitfalls of shopping online.

3. Etude House Golden Ratio Face Glam #02 Pink 
   12,000 won ~$10.67

This is one of my favorite items! I love how it makes my cheekbones glow! On the directions it says that it is a base, but I only use it to highlight my cheekbones. At 40ml, it will last awhile especially when I only need a teeny tiny dot for each cheekbone. The brightener on top is 4g and is to be used on the eye region.

4. Etude House Missing U Hand Cream #3 Panda (Peach)
   4,500 won ~$4.01

I love this, it's so cute! The smell is delicious and it's so adorable! The consistency is light and absorbs easily. My only problem with it is that it only has 30ml/1.01 fl oz (the cream is at the bottom in the pink part, the panda is just the cover), but it's cheaper than the other hand cream I was using (L'occitance Shea Butter hand cream in Rose). 

Etude House Freebies



Volume Bling Mascara

I really like the way this mascara coats my lashes. I don't know if it's waterproof and I haven't tested it out, but I do know that it's hard for me to remove. It gets really flaky! The cool thing about this is that the other end is glitter!

Box of cotton pads

Wool Detachable Hood Safari


As you can see, this jacket is humongous on me! My dumbass didn't check the measurements of the jacket and instead based it on the looks of the model T_T. I wanted a jacket that was this style and had a thick, soft lining inside. I'm not sure if it'll be worth it to try to hem it, but we'll see. The only places I see my self wearing this outside is in the snow or an outdoor concert in San Francisco or something : /.

400 Mizzpointsafari JK


I got this jacket because there was one on Stylenanda with a similar style but a $150 price tag -__-. I like this jacket because it was the style I was looking for and the fur trim feels nice. The things I don't like about this jacket are that the fur trim easily detaches from the buttons that hold it in place, the buttons are badly sewn on, and the jacket attracts lint and fur easily. Also note the cheap lining inside. It's really unnecessary because it gets in the way and detaches from the buttons easily. 

Caramel Brown Cardigans

1. VO17 ~$13.25


2. VO16 ~$11.48

I had an obsession over this "Caramel Brown" color after I got a cardigan with the same color from Zipia. The first cardigan is a bit long for me (not checking the measurements again -__-). I like the second cardigan the most. My only problem is that the material of both cardigans makes it pill easily, but that's what I get for getting cheap cardigans. *sigh. At least my "Caramel Brown" obsession is satiated. 

Overall, it was an interesting first haul from gmarket. I've already made my second order, but this time it's only beauty products. 


MeeisLee said...

I'm planning on making my very first gmarket haul over the weekend :). The shipping fees are a little daunting and I was curious about how much your package weighed? I wanted to get a couple clothing items and maybe one or two beauty products and to save on shipping I was going to haul with some friends. How'd you feel about navigating the site? I can read hangul but sometimes all the flashing colors and pics and weird fonts confuse me.

Charmaine said...

Hey thanks for stopping by!

For my first haul, estimated shipping was 5.91kg and actual shipping was 4.47kg. For my second haul, estimated shipping was 2.79kg and actual shipping was 1.78kg. I would definitely order with friends to save on shipping! If I order a lot of items, shipping isn't too bad. It usually ranges between $3-$5 per item for shipping.

I think the site has become more user friendly compared to a couple of years ago. The fonts do confuse me especially when the name of the item is written in a handwritten-look font and I can't find it in the drop-down box! Sometimes the name of the item is in more readable text in the window that pops up when you click on the item.

Overall, the site is easy to navigate, it's just going through all the pages and scrolling down forever that takes so much time! >_<

I hope this helps you! : ]

Anonymous said...

did you have problems with customs' import tax fees? tnx!

Charmaine said...

I've ordered 3 times from gmarket and I haven't had any problems with customs and taxes! Gmarket declares the value of the items at a really low price. For example, this haul was marked as $12 -__-.

I think very large orders are more susceptible, especially orders with shoes.

KUMA said...

helloo O: just wondering, how tall are you? i'm 5'3 but most of the cardigans when i checked the measurements are 5 inches too long for me... but idk .-. thanks~

Charmaine said...

I'm not sure exactly, but I believe I'm 5'! The seller I bought those cardigans from lists the dimensions but I didn't check the length when I ordered them T_T. I hope this helps!