Sunday, February 27, 2011


Some goodies from over the weekend:


Got the L'oreal Revitalift Eye Cream from Target, on sale for $12.50. Gotta go check if it's still on sale so I can stock up :p! I don't really need an eye cream right now, but I wanted to try this out because it has good reviews and my dark eye circles need some help. I won't see if it works until a couple of weeks, but I like it already. It smells great and feels luxurious (maybe it's because it's my first eye cream -__-). I don't really moisturize my eye area and this is a great moisturizer. The skin around my eyes looks moisturized and more plump.


This week, RiteAid is selling Nivea Lip Care for only a $1! When I saw it in the newspaper, I thought there was a catch, but nope! I wanted to get a bunch to stock up on, but only took 3 so that I could leave 1 left.

And finally did my nails!

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Thanks for the Atacoma advice! Very helpful :)

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