Monday, July 26, 2010

too much garlic

went to the gilroy garlic festival again : ] it was nice and foggy in the morning and cleared up quickly.
the food in order: garlic fries, roasted almond(?) garlic ice cream with caramel, strawberry banana and peach smoothie, garlic bread, and ribs!
geez louieeezz, i knew cvs was expensive, but $34 for only 6 things?! i'm such a cheapie...
got glycerin and a small spray bottle to make homemade mixing medium (1/4 of glycerin, 3/4 water). it sorta helps take the powdery look of powder foundation away, but it's still a bit matte for my taste. it also makes my skin feel sticky : [. but i can't wait to use it for eyeshadows.
the finished product:

wanted to try a powder foundation since it's summer. got maybelline's purestay powder foundation in buff. it's definitely too light as seen here:gah! : [

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