Saturday, July 31, 2010

no communication

you have your good and bad thrifting days. had a not so great one at salvation army on friday. (found nothing good, and walked around with a swollen toe! : [) the last friday of every month is 50% off everything. left with two belts for a $1 each. they were needed, but not really, but i'm glad i bought them.
passed by urban outfitters and got this hat for $10. at the salvation army, i thought, "man, i bet i'll find something better at urban outfitters than here"
i didn't give up though, the thrifting trip to goodwill today totally made up for yesterday! got two vintage victoria secret nightgowns (?).
almost ready for florida/the bahamas! hat, maxi, bathing suit, travel bag, storage/luggage check! all i need is film and waterproof cameras. got the blue plaid one on the left for $4.99 each from the urban outfitters website! what a steal. unfortunately, bathing suits from UO don't have padding for the bust, so i bought some from ebay. i hope they turn out ok!
got this harajuku lovers train case and brush roll on a whim because i didn't want to spend $51.52 on this too cute and perfect train case by paul & joe that used to be on the urban outfitters website. got both plus tax and shipping under the price for the paul & joe one! i'm such a cheap-ass -_-
got surprisingly good samples this time. the samples they usually offer are meh. really loving the Too Faced bronzer in Sun Bunny. when i first tried it, it was love! i've used it 3-4 times and there's still product left! can't wait to try the primer!

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