Friday, January 30, 2009

very tired

tired, yes.
i realize that tucking in tops is hard and tedious and results in red hands :/
tired from a long day of bus rides around the south bay to the library, whole foods, mall, and movies. went to whole foods to try to find unscented soap with a ph of 5.5, but i wasn't in luck.
i noticed today how expensive food is. maybe i'm just being stingy and phobic about the economy, but still. starving college girl here!!!
speaking of college...
it's been alright. seriously can't dress well because of the cold. i've been wearing the same thing everyday for the past week: jacket, tee, jeans, and sneakers. i thought that having to wake up at 530 tuesdays and thursdays and catching the 622 bus for my 730 class would be hard, but i actually like it. i love how it's still dark out when i get out of my house. the hills are also very pretty with the light outlining its curves. i need to take a picture of that someday. plus getting out at 1220 is a great feeling :D
anyway, blah blah blah. excited for charlotte ronson's line for jcpenny.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

je suis un ananas!!!!

i just had to watch My Bloody Valentine. it's in 3-D!!! i just hate the fact that they ask for id. it sucks looking like a freshman in high school. i need to pass that driving test! or if that fails, i'll just wait 2 months for a state id. sad.i'm going to use the hell out of these glasses. an extra $2.50 on top of the $9.50 student ticket. thank goodness i brought my student id or else it would be $10.75 PLUS $2.50. guh so expensive :[ or i'm just a cheapass :D
he's so freaky now that i think of it.
still, telefrancais was so fun back in high school. my favorite part were les squelettes!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

my eyes!!!

my eyes feel really messed up right now. they get extremely puffy when i cry (i think bc i rub them too much) so i put ice on them and my vision got blurry. putting on my contacts hurt and later on in the day my eyes started to get foggy and hurt. gah! scary!this top was originally a dress that went up to my knees but it was too long for me so i decided to cut it as a top and now i love it. i just need to hem it or else all the silk is going to fall apart. love the sale at urbanoutfitters. it's like a f**k you to all their expensive prices. haha :D
i always feel bad about wasting food. i got a bowl of delicious cranberry and macademia cereal from costco for myself, but then my friend called asking to hang out. i only took two bites before she came over bc i had to change. tear tear! so sad. i think that i would actually cry if i spilled milk or something. ah well. at least i can feed it to the chicken. :Dnew shoes! <3 sale! 2 for $25. not bad, but now i realize the pro of trying on shoes in the store: you get a better fit. i usually wear a size 7 but these flats are 7 1/2 and 6 1/2. weird. now i'm afraid of buying shoes online :[

Monday, January 12, 2009

i like to cut my split ends :]

Cat Power does too many cover songs, but i really like this one. I'll have to admit that it's pretty awesome when the volume is turned up :D

anyhoo, i tried to tease my hair and even though my sister or brother didn't notice it, i felt like it was too much. it was fun though!
target is such a fun to place to shop! fashionable clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and food all in one place?! went yesterday and got a bunch of tights and socks because they were on sale for $5 and i also got boots on clearance for $26! yee :Di actually went there twice bc right when i came home, my friend called asking if i wanted to go with her there. haha sad. afterwards we washed her car, missy, and waxed it. ahh her car feels so nice now! :D
searching the internet boredly, i saw these:
walmart for $20. i got super excited because urbanoutfitters has a pair that i saw awhile ago.urbanoutfitters for $48. when i saw these online i wanted to get them bc my black boots weren't waterproof anymore. back then they were $38 but of course urbanoutfitters has to raise the freaking price. i just wish walmart had black :/

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

aruarian dance

ahhh this song is so nice. new song stuck in my head.

sick again. i was sick just two weeks ago too. guh. my immune system is down. the cold is getting to me. i do not know how to dress for the cold.
examples of how i do not dress for the cold:cover your butts legging-wearing girlies!
Showing off my guns...yeah! haha.
i'm happy i got this pleather jacket for only $35. it's not that warm though and all the buttons are falling off :[ haha oh well, i still like it.

Friday, January 2, 2009

gluttony and cibo matto

pictures on manual are quite fun :Di've been listening to cibo matto, a band from the 90s, lately. they're a lot of things: "jazz, hip-hop, brazillian music, african drumming, and disco samples" according to a music review by W. Dire Wolff. their music is quite fun. im glad that i picked this cd up at library. it's so great to be able to brose around the library and find great music. thank goodness it's free :D

unhappyface=bored as hell!!! i actually wish school started sooner so i could have something to do :(
i love fabulous finds! the sizing is weird though. i wanted a loose tee but they just ended up getting longer in size. this is a large. at least i can try (?) to wear it as a tunic? but for $3.50 i love it :D
oh, and one of the best things to do is go through the drive through at burger king late at night, park in the very brightly lit parking area, and pig out. why does food taste so good that way? guh, gluttony!