Friday, May 8, 2009

sore loser

i am a fucking sore loser.
people who outbid should FUCKING DIE.
yes, overreacting. (sorry sorry)my craze for VIVI magazine has started to come back due to some loving inspiration:
saw a really good deal on ebay for a lot of 6 of them from this year and told the boypren to bid on it because i dont have a credit card. 28 seconds to the end of the bid, i saw that someone bid on it. it looked like the boyprens username (why the fuck do they only show like the middle letters?) and asked if he just bid. he said yeah and i was all happiness and glee that i won. but then later he tells me that he got outbid.
yes, i'm overreacting, but i'm just a sore loser. i thought for sure i was going to get it bc i checked it constantly and no one else bid on it. my crappy day added to the despair as well. tear tear.
it's okay though. i can still pay $18 to buy the magazine every month or download the scans.
anyway, the only bright news of the day that wasn't all it was hyped up to be:
new phone...woo. (i'm so behind on technology)
now time to stare at pictures of food because i am hungry and that is what i do when im hungry:
how do you know when a latte is sweet or bitter? at starbucks, their lattes are usually sweet, but got a caramel latte from peet's and it was bitter :[ tear tear.i say KC because it's easier and shorter than "Charmaine" :D
oh yeah, and close up for denise!
got them from urbanoutfitters a while back :]


yiqin; said...

Urgh I want a straw hat so badly! & your new phone looks so good! My boyf loves such slide out phones!

geisharock said...

HAHA that is so funny, I have to get my boyf to bid on things for me too because I don't have a credit card and I really wanted these hot pink boots and he bid but some bitch outbid me!!!!! I got so upset and I was like WAAAH SOMEONE TOOK MY SHOES AWAY FROM ME ITS LIKE BEING IN A SHOP AND HAVING SOMEONE SNATCH THE GOODS OUT OF YOUR HAND. Overreacting much? hehe good to see someone else being a sore loser too! :) Love the blog girly, shall we exchange links? I'll put you up on my blogroll xoxo

Yuka said...

your post is making me so hungry! ebay i love ebay and it sucks when i get outbid too! sometimes i get soo frustrated i even tear up! hahaha oh ebay..

denise said...

awww yay i get a little mention! hahahaa those shoes look so comfy!!! cute and casual too :D and your floral dress looks cute toooo im totally in love with florals right now hahaha.

we should swap links!!!

Cindiddy said...

i love readin jap mags.

Sunset said...

I looove your whole outfit! So perfect for the weather.

Aw, that sucks about being outbid :( I heard there are evil bidding programs that are designed to watch auctions until like 5 seconds before and outbid everyone!

kirstyb said...

Your post with pics of food just made me super hungry! shame on you now I wont a mcdonalds ha ha.
Great blog

$ouLphate said...

i hate being outbid too!! it happened so many times already =( anyway your phone looks hellah cool!

Emz said...

Cute shoes! It sucks that you got outbid though.

isabelle said...

cute print on your dress :)

Christine said...

Aww, sorry you got outbid :T But the plus side? you look cute and your new phone looks very nice! I love those Pooh Bear key chain things !

Shen-Shen said...

Cute dress!

And goddamnit, I hate it when I get outbid too.. Grrrrrr.

Marian said...

its never fun to be outbid on ebay.hope you are able to get those mags soon.

Cindiddy said...

thanks for coming by girlie

Marian said...

darling heres wishing you a terrific wknd my dear.
muah x

Marian said...

totally cute dress and sandals dear!