Tuesday, February 24, 2009

automated phone systems are so annoying

i felt like a hooker walking to walgreens in this. i dunno, it's something about the short skirt and boots. haha.
yay i found a way to curl my hair into the loose waves i want! i was really thinking of buying a 1 1/4" iron, but with no moolah i figured that i could take big portions of my hair and wrap it around my 1" with nice effects. woo.
also, i have meiko's "boys with girlfriends" song stuck in my head. i wish i could go around in a bear costume all day.


ess elsie. said...

this music video is great! as is the song!

time to add onto my ridiculously long list of crap to download.

yiqin; said...

I hate it too. Why cant they just let a real person talk to us!d

Trish said...

Hey, loving your hair girl!! :)

Miranda said...

i LOVEEEE the mv
and your hair is amazing.
and you don't look like a hooker at all :O