Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gmarket Haul #6


I had some problems with this Gmarket order. Finally coming around to posting it two months after I put in the order! First the haul:


It arrived in the usual 3 days. The estimated weight and shipping cost was 3.00kg and $44.07. The actual weight was 2.68kg. Shipping per item was $8.81.

Mizon Toners in Chamomile and Bulgarian Rose
9,900 won (~$9.15) + 2,500 won shipping fee

This was the other rose toner I was talking about in the Meishoku Organic Rose post. I got it because it was a rose toner and it was really cheap. I haven't used it because I have all the other rose toners to go through. I did take a whiff and I can barely smell any rose scent. It is very subtle. It contains 210ml.

Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF50 PA+++ in No.31 Brown Beige
29,900 won (~$27.63) + 2,500 won shipping fee
Out of Stock

I first saw BB cushions while looking at some Gmarket hauls online. I wanted to try it because of the dewy look it gave. I was thinking of getting the Hera one, but the shades they had were too light for my complexion. When I saw that Laneige had a third shade (the other brands only had two), I immediately searched Gmarket to find one for sale. I was able to find one seller who had the shade and could ship worldwide, but unfortunately it is out of stock now.

I am going to make a separate post reviewing it, but what I can say now is that it matches very closely to Missha's Perfect Cover BB Cream No.27. It is also very sheer and does not have any oil control. 


The seller also gave me a bunch of samples!

leather jacket
DSC_0824 (2)
DSC_0826 (2)
Black Faux Leather Jacket
41,000 won (~$38.71)
Shop: Migunstyle (Link)

I've been wanting a black leather jacket and looked around Gmarket for one. I found other shops/sellers with the same jacket, but Migunstyle had the cheapest price. I got a size 66/Medium. It looks big in the picture, but I prefer it loose. I think that if I got a Small it would have been tight around the shoulders. I can layer underneath this jacket and zip it up all the way without it being too tight. Overall, it is exactly what I was looking for. The only con to it is that one of the zippered pockets in the front is small so I have to dig my hand into there and my hand gets caught against the zipper. Ouch >_<.

short skirt
DSC_0834 (2)
Black Circle Skirt
6,900 won (~$6.38)
Shop: Migunstyle (Link)

I was looking for a simple black circle skirt as well. Other shops/sellers had black circle skirts, but I got it at the same shop because it was cheap and I was getting the jacket and other items as well. It is an okay skirt. I would say it's good for $6.38. 

So onto the issues with this order:

1) It took a long time to ship out
All of the orders I've made with Gmarket before have shipped out a week after I made the order. This order shipped out two weeks after I made the order. 10 days after I made the order, I sent an inquiry asking why it was taking so long. They replied back the same day apologizing and saying they "would contact the person in charge of the matter". After 3 days my order finally shipped. A few days later I saw in the News section that they were having delayed worldwide shipping orders because they were having an increase of them. I just made another order recently so now I know to keep that in mind.

2) Out of stock item and wrong item sent from the shop "Migunstyle"
One of the items I ordered (this grey Beatles tee) became out of stock so I was refunded the money. When I received my package, I received the wrong skirt from the same shop/seller. I looked at their shop and they weren't even selling the skirt -__-. First, I sent an inquiry to the seller, but they replied back in Korean. I put it through google translate and it said something about sending it back for a refund. 
Next, I sent an inquiry to the Gmarket customer service. They said to email them attachments of pictures of the wrong item sent. After a week of not hearing from them, I sent another inquiry and they answered 3 days later. That same day I got refunded for the skirt. Overall, it took a long time to finally get it resolved. It is frustrating emailing back and forth and waiting for their answer. I'm just glad it's over with, but now I'm weary of buying from that shop now that I've had issues with it.

Other Gmarket news:


I saw in the News section that you can use multiple payment methods. On the order I just made, I used my cash balance and paypal. 

Here is a screenshot of the payment page of the order I just made:

This is pretty good news considering that we couldn't use our cash balance unless it covered the entire order. 

So overall, not a smooth Gmarket order. Hopefully I won't have any problems with my next one!!!


Hana said...

Same here >.< I placed an order in Gmarket a month ago and hasn`t come until now. If i look at your post then, maybe it will come lha.. just later hehehe..


chchcharmander said...

My recent order shipped in just a week! I was expecting it to take wayy longer! Hopefully it was just an issue last month and won't happen often!