Friday, August 24, 2012

Creepers from Ebay

I've been wanting creepers for a while and finally found affordable ones on ebay! 

ebay creepers

Here is the listing. The ones I bought were priced at $25.36 with $18.96 shipping. I thought $44.82 was a great price to pay especially when the ones available here are $60 and up. I ordered on a Thursday, they shipped out the next day, and I received them a week later which is quick considering that it is coming from the U.K. The shoes looked a little big when I first took them out of the box, but they fit my size 7 feet with a little bit of toe room. 

The box it came in

I feel like these are the cheap knockoff shoes similar to the kinds of shoes sold on sites like gojane and urbanog because of the name on the box. I don't mind because they are way better than the creepers I bought off of wholesale7 that reeked of chemicals. So far they're great, but if they fall apart I'll definitely update!

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