Friday, August 17, 2012

Adambeauty Haul & Review!

Made my first order from Adambeauty! I ordered on a Thursday, it shipped out the next day on Friday and I just received it today. It only took a week and shipping was only $2 for my whole order. 

My items arrived safely wrapped in bubble wrap.

What I got:
Sana Morning Kiss Skin Care Base SPF30 PA+++ & Omi Solanoveil Protect Face Milk SPF 50 PA+++

-Cheap shipping
-Fast shipping
-Items not available in the U.S.

-Items are a bit cheaper compared to other online sites, but this site uses a different conversion (for example the Sana base was listed as HK138 which converts to about $17 US, but I paid $21 for it)

I'll be trying out these two and reviewing them soon! All in all, a great first experience ordering from Adambeauty! I can't wait for my next order!


Laura said...

Adambeauty's service has been unbelievably bad recently. A friend of mine purchased several hundred dollars of products and it has been 4 months she still has not yet received her products... The site refused to refund any money too... There is no protection... Not sure if I will ever order from them any more...

chchcharmander said...

Oh man I'm sorry to hear that. Thank you for sharing it.

I feel safe with the site because I paid through paypal and if there was any issue I could bring up a claim through them. If I order from them again, I'll definitely be weary.

miss_waterlily said...

Hi glad that you like adambeauty. As a long time user, I can safely assure you that they use the same conversion rate. It is simply because of the weight of the product, they add on the postage cost. The $2 is for the added registration, the postage is included in the product.