Sunday, March 20, 2011

no can do

Target coat, Forever 21 sweater, skirt, & sweater tights, thrifted Bass shoes, ebay Alexa bag

I've been wearing tights over the weekend and oh, are they comfortable! I guess I'm just tired of wearing pants -___-. I'm so jealous of the cute fashionista girls at school wearing their tights and oxfords, but then I think of all the creepers downtown -__-. I can't dress fashionably because my job is a jeans-and-sneakers kind of thing due to the physical labor/dirtiness factor : (.

Also, see the Hello Kitty/Beard Papa's bag? I'm such a sucker for anything Hello Kitty -___-. I hope I put that bag to actual use. And in sorta related news, I finally got an email from fucking about my Alexa bag replica order. They said that they couldn't restock it (yeah, pretty obvious after waiting for 2 months) and that they can refund the order back to Paypal. Yes! Never ordering from them again!

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