Wednesday, December 1, 2010

he has all the memories

the boypren finally developed his pictures! one more souvenir from TIMF.

received my Everyday Minerals order today! i ordered the Try Me Free kit in Olive and i ordered a sample of Lucent Powder in Natural. i received extra bases in Sunkissed Fair and Bronzed Tan.
most of the colors in the kit were too light for me. Olive Medium is the closest. at first i thought it was too yellow, but now my face looks a bit light, but it's night time so i won't know how it really is until the daytime. hopefully it won't break me out like bareminerals did with it's bismuth oxychloride!

really loving the lucent powder and bronzed tan base! i've discovered the wonders of highlighting! the CVS Blush/Powder duo brush fits perfectly into the lid and applies right on the cheekbones! this bronzed color is perfect as well, but a little goes a long way!

target toggle
finally found a toggle coat to satisfy my want for one! this one is from target. i bought it online on sale for $29.99. it's regularly $49.99 and i found it in the store, but i didn't want to pay full price -__- *cheapass. hopefully it mails soon! i received an email saying it might be delayed and i saw that it was sold out online, but i called the customer service (which was really awkward bc i couldn't hear the person and it was a guy, so i kept on repeating myself) and he said the same thing as the shipping status. so.....we'll see.

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