Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Received the toggle coat I ordered from Target yesterday and it's satisfactory. I don't think my search for the perfect toggle coat is over though! : ]

Also received my Eyes Lips Face haul today!

Travel mirror ($1) just to have in my bag and got another eyelash curler ($1) for when the pad on mine is kaput! I can't find any replacement pads that fit in the eyelash curler, so I just bought another one.

Bought their Studio Kabuki Face Brush ($5) to use for my Everyday Minerals makeup. I didn't expect the brush to be that big. It's so soft as well and I just love rubbing it on my face! : ] Here it is compared to the Ecotools kabuki:

Ordered another spoolie ($1) (the one I bought a long time ago broke -__-), their Studio Powder Brush ($3) (so soft!), and another Studio Small Angled Brush ($3) so I can have one for filling in my brows and one for cream eyeliner.

Got eyelashes in Dramatic and Natural ($1). I bought them before and failed at putting them on, so I need more practice! Also got their Cream Eyeliner ($3).

I forgot it came with a mini angled brush! It's just like the Small Angled Brush, just less dense. It's sort of difficult to use because of the mini handle. I was hoping this cream eyeliner would not smudge on my lid, but the oil is eating away at it as we speak. Still, I'm loving this cream eyeliner because it's creamy and easy to apply. The wet n wild cream eyeliner is not as creamy in comparison.

Studio Blush in Peachy Keen (Left) and Gotta Glow (Right) ($3). Been wanting Peachy Keen for awhile even going to Target many times in vain. It's sort of meh to me. I think it's the gold shimmer/sheen. Gotta Glow is nice though! It pretty much has the same gold sheen as Peachy Keen. As a highlight, it's definitely more noticeable.
sorry for the sucky swatches!

and I finally got the Sanrio watch I've been wanting--Badtz Maru! I feel like buying them all though T_T

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