Saturday, October 31, 2009

can't sleep

watched "Paranormal Activity" and not wanting to go to sleep right now... ugh i hate scary movies! even though i covered my eyes during the scary parts and didn't even look at the screen during the end, i'm still scared. ugh!
and also found out, moving/shaking cameras make me nauseous! whenever i would watch makeup collections on youtube i would feel queasy and watching this movie made me feel sick! ugh!
anyway, what's been going on lately:
had to go to 7-11 for domo!
sushi overkill. this finally killed it. it's like, "are you serious?! two layers?!"uhh yeah... who uses a controller with one hand?...while holding a 7-UP in the other???got the Wet N Wild Creme Eyeliner. it was on sale for $2 each so i got 2. it's normally $3.99 each so woo! it got good reviews and i'm too cheap for a higher end brand.
also got the duo fiber brush from studio tools at target. i love it. perfect for liquid foundation. i wish i got two though because it applies cream blush perfectly
looking forward to a san francisco shopping trip next week. i'll be on the look out for high waisted shorts and lace up oxfords. they're surprisingly hard to find. not that much selection. :/

Monday, October 12, 2009

for audrey

the cold weather is finally here yay! a storm is coming in tonight and will last all day tomorrow. so happy i could layer/wear my h&m jacket today :]h&m jacket and aa sweater taken from the boypren
cut my hair on saturday. it was just long, all one length, and bleh!!! got layers and a trim :]

after:whoosh! layers! haha i think it only looks good straightened. when i air dry it it's all wavy and frizzy :/
today i got a nail polish i've been wanting for awhile:
China Glaze in For Audrey!!!
it's supposed to be the Tiffany & Co. color, which it is in some lights :D

Friday, October 9, 2009

another makeup haul :]

ordered some makeup from Cherry Culture. lately i've been watching a ton of makeup tutorial videos on youtube, so now i'm obsessed with makeup (even though i suck at it)! but no more makeup for me. i spent $70 on makeup from elf and cherry culture which makes me sad because i could have bought clothes instead! haha oh well :]yee!!!
what i got:
NYX rouge cream blush in Rose Petal
i wanted to try a cream blush because my cheeks are dry sometimes and winter is coming up! i need to practice applying it though :[
it came smudged! tear tearNYX jumbo eye pencils in Dark Brown & Black Bean
NYX long eye pencil in White and NYX long lip pencil in Mauve & NaturalAmuse foundation stick in Classic Dark
this was the darkest shade and it's too ligh
t for me! maybe my skin will get really pale over the winter? lolgot this kabuki brush to go along with it but it sucks. it's rough and sheds a lot. guh!NYX jar concealer in Medium
yay it's close to my skin tone!
NYX girls nail polish in Show Girl
the website showed this as a silver color, but it turned out to be glitter! wtf! gah i don't want to be a 12 year old (-_-)!
NYX mega shine lip gloss in Smokey Look and NYX round lip gloss in Apricot
i was thinking the smokey look would be more nude, but it's pink. i still like it though because it smells like cherries!
the apricot one smells like lime/lemon house cleaner but i like it still :]
NYX 10 color palette in Jazz Night
the colors are pretty! i love this cute little thing. it's small but has a lot of eye shadows and a big mirror.
and finally NYX round lipsticks!!! they are only $1.75 each so i got a couple
the nudes:
L to R: Honey, Creamy Beige, & Tea
i love how they're actually nude. "nude" colors from drugstore brands don't seem nude to me, they're too pink or brown.
the pinks:
L to R: Thalia, B52, & Margarita
i'm loving all my makeup, but it has left me with this:
UNORGANIZATION! (i don't like. heehee)
i was thinking of getting a simple drawer tower like this:BUT!
i started looking around ebay for cute organizers and saw hello kitty jewelry/cosmetic boxes!!! too cute...
love organization!!!
got those hooks that are removable. yay no more bags all over the floor!
lol my auntie got me this 90s styled bag. i don't know if i'll wear it. maybe when i'm feeling nostalgic?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

e.l.f. haul!!!

yay finally got my order from e.l.f. (eyeslipsface) the place of $1 makeup!!i ordered it last week on wednesday, it shipped out on friday, and i finally got it yesterday, so shipping took a week. it was torture and compulsiveness (tracking it everyday), but it was okay since i paid $24.95 for 25 items. pretty good deal! (thank you 50% off coupon!)
here are the goodies:
nail polishes in Medium Red, Mod Mauve, and Fluorescent Pinka bunch of clear mascaras to keep my brows in place. they added a neck inside the tube so not a lot of product comes out.
toe separators!! those things are simple but smart.Matte Bronzer. i really like it, but it's not completely matte as you can see here:Eyeshadow Quads in Butternut and Nymph Dreams. i love Nymph Dreams, it's so pretty. made me feel like a mermaid wearing it. lol.
Tinted Moisturizer and All Over Color Stick, both in Spice/Medium
they looked a bit dark for me, but the all over cover stick turned out slightly lighter. the tinted moisturizer made me look tan which i don't like!Eyeshadow Duo in Berry & Mineral Eyeshadow Primer
the duo was eh, but the primer has a lot of product in it.
the Blending and Eye Shadow brushes shed a lot :[
the Complexion Brush is perfect for bronzing!who wears braids like this anymore? lol
made a kitty hat (can't really see here)
it's something like this