Monday, October 12, 2009

for audrey

the cold weather is finally here yay! a storm is coming in tonight and will last all day tomorrow. so happy i could layer/wear my h&m jacket today :]h&m jacket and aa sweater taken from the boypren
cut my hair on saturday. it was just long, all one length, and bleh!!! got layers and a trim :]

after:whoosh! layers! haha i think it only looks good straightened. when i air dry it it's all wavy and frizzy :/
today i got a nail polish i've been wanting for awhile:
China Glaze in For Audrey!!!
it's supposed to be the Tiffany & Co. color, which it is in some lights :D


denise said...

aww tiffany and co turquoise! love the chanel jade colour! gosh so jealous of your cold weather!!

yiqin; said...

The nails are so pretty <3

Shirley Wijaya said...

i love the colour of the nails :)