Friday, October 9, 2009

another makeup haul :]

ordered some makeup from Cherry Culture. lately i've been watching a ton of makeup tutorial videos on youtube, so now i'm obsessed with makeup (even though i suck at it)! but no more makeup for me. i spent $70 on makeup from elf and cherry culture which makes me sad because i could have bought clothes instead! haha oh well :]yee!!!
what i got:
NYX rouge cream blush in Rose Petal
i wanted to try a cream blush because my cheeks are dry sometimes and winter is coming up! i need to practice applying it though :[
it came smudged! tear tearNYX jumbo eye pencils in Dark Brown & Black Bean
NYX long eye pencil in White and NYX long lip pencil in Mauve & NaturalAmuse foundation stick in Classic Dark
this was the darkest shade and it's too ligh
t for me! maybe my skin will get really pale over the winter? lolgot this kabuki brush to go along with it but it sucks. it's rough and sheds a lot. guh!NYX jar concealer in Medium
yay it's close to my skin tone!
NYX girls nail polish in Show Girl
the website showed this as a silver color, but it turned out to be glitter! wtf! gah i don't want to be a 12 year old (-_-)!
NYX mega shine lip gloss in Smokey Look and NYX round lip gloss in Apricot
i was thinking the smokey look would be more nude, but it's pink. i still like it though because it smells like cherries!
the apricot one smells like lime/lemon house cleaner but i like it still :]
NYX 10 color palette in Jazz Night
the colors are pretty! i love this cute little thing. it's small but has a lot of eye shadows and a big mirror.
and finally NYX round lipsticks!!! they are only $1.75 each so i got a couple
the nudes:
L to R: Honey, Creamy Beige, & Tea
i love how they're actually nude. "nude" colors from drugstore brands don't seem nude to me, they're too pink or brown.
the pinks:
L to R: Thalia, B52, & Margarita
i'm loving all my makeup, but it has left me with this:
UNORGANIZATION! (i don't like. heehee)
i was thinking of getting a simple drawer tower like this:BUT!
i started looking around ebay for cute organizers and saw hello kitty jewelry/cosmetic boxes!!! too cute...
love organization!!!
got those hooks that are removable. yay no more bags all over the floor!
lol my auntie got me this 90s styled bag. i don't know if i'll wear it. maybe when i'm feeling nostalgic?


Jessica said...

oh wowwww those are tons of make up!!
you should post the pict when you wear the make up!! :)

Jessica said...

and btw, those bags are great!!!! ~~

Winnie said...

Wow, check out all the new make up! I went through a phase like that a few years ago where I didn't buy clothes and bought make up instead.

The funny thing is I wear very little make up nowadays!

yiqin; said...

I used alot of NYX products including the concealer in a jar too ^^ & in reply to your comemnt, I don't push the sleeves up :) It's qutie thick!

Anonymous said...

omg you have so much makeup! lols all i have is moisterizer and face wash. lols anyways i love it when new things are packed and sent to you via mail. i love it when my parents send me stuff while i'm at school.