Tuesday, February 24, 2009

automated phone systems are so annoying

i felt like a hooker walking to walgreens in this. i dunno, it's something about the short skirt and boots. haha.
yay i found a way to curl my hair into the loose waves i want! i was really thinking of buying a 1 1/4" iron, but with no moolah i figured that i could take big portions of my hair and wrap it around my 1" with nice effects. woo.
also, i have meiko's "boys with girlfriends" song stuck in my head. i wish i could go around in a bear costume all day.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

full house crepe

yesterday was a nice day. sad compared to the cloudiness of today. sigh. i can wait till the sun shines again. in the meantime, i'll act as one with the gloominess of the rain. i actually want it to pour.had to take the new outfit out. i think it's my new fallback outfit. i did feel like i was wearing pajamas though without the cardigan.sadly, i've been eating macdo mostly everyday this week. very bad, yes. but when you only have a few dollars in your pocket, it's all you can do if you're starving! haha.
way better than macdo, but more expensive: crepes!!! eating it at night outside of madco because there is no where else to eat it is lame but so good. :D
in other news which i didn't know of until yesterday: forever21 & bathingsuits? at first i was surprised but realized that i shouldnt have been because they make everything else anyway (shoes, bags, jewelry, etc.) i'm wary of them considering the quality of f21 clothing.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

<3 american eagle outfitters!

shopping always makes a girl feel better!Aerie cardigan, AE tee, and AE wedges
got a $50 AE giftcard from u.talk.back after doing surveys for about a year and did some shopping. couldn't use my discount (bummer) but still found some good stuff anyway.

i've been eyeing these wedges for so long and was bummed when they ran out of my size in clearance online. saw them in the store for 11.95 and even though they didn't have a 7, i tried on an 8 and it was fine. yay time to totter around!

Friday, February 13, 2009

fuck valentine's

what i hoped to be a fun, exciting day turned shitty.never underestimate the weather. took off my coat before going out because it was so nice and sunny outside. turned cloudy, windy, and rainy with my mood. next time: don't wear a loose dress when it's windy outside.
damn. the sky should always turn sunny and bright when it rains.
at least i had something waiting for me at home...my drivers license! too bad i can't use it for anything. fuck that.
can the bass in ballade de melody nelson help me with my mood? help me serge gainsbourg with all your pervertedness!

Friday, February 6, 2009


wearing from now on: boots, jeans, and layers of clothing. rain sucks. Seasonal affective disorder going on right now.
feeling the gray.
went to my old high school yesterday to see the talent show only bc the boypren was in it.toxic friend right here. seriously toxic. callings of bitch and i hate you (in a "joking way"), the pinching of cheeks, and just plain meanness from this girl once in a while. that's how people are i guess. taking advantage of weaker people. i would understand since she was "abused" as a child. but hey, who wasn't especially with asian parents? still, she's cool most of the time.
anyway. more bitching.
dude on the left: stop with the tightass deep v neck tshirts that show your nipples. we all know you're trying hard to be a hipster.
a group of a ton of kids doing snychronized dance moves from an anime or something... it was wtf and exciting at the same time.robot singing. i wish.
one of those girls who thinks they're sooooo good at singing with all their emphasized hand moves, but really they're not THAT great. more like high pitched squealing. still, i liked her outfit.this guy always dances bollywood style for the talent show every year. never get tired of it.