Thursday, August 18, 2011 order & review!

I've been in a Rilakkuma craze lately after getting the Rilakkuma luggage tag and organizer. I just want to get everything Rilakkuma: Rilakkuma pillow, Rilakkuma blanket, Rilakkuma plush, Rilakkuma tupperware, Rilakkuma EVERYTHING! When I found, I went crazy seeing all the stuff they had. Here is what I ordered:

1. Rilakkuma (and Korilakkuma) contacts case, HK$52
This contacts case is so adorable, but I don't think I really needed it lol. I feel like my contacts would dry out if I brought this for travel because the dome shape of the cover gives it a lot of room inside.

2. "Lazy Mega Rilakkuma" plush, HK$152
There were some Rilakkuma plushes in the stores around my area, but they weren't the ones I was looking for. This Rilakkuma plush is big, comfy, and definitely cute! Just what I was looking for.

For the items, I paid HK$214.20 which converted to US$28.15. Not bad right? The thing that got me was the shipping. The cost for shipping (and handling fee) was HK$330.75 which converted to $43.55. So, in total I paid $71.70. Good thing was that the shipping only took 3 days to get to my house. ("Better take only 3 days for how much I paid!" was what I thought -__-) Unfortunately, Speedpost EMS is the only shipping they offer for overseas buyers.

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denise said...

OMG gonna order shit from that site now hahahahaha i love it :D