Monday, May 23, 2011

damn you Rilakkuma!


Why do you have to be absolutely cute and have things that are PERFECT for my trip to France?!


Jenny said...

Hi! I saw your pictures of this bag:

and this bag:

and I was thinking of getting one of those too! I only have enough money for one, and I wanted your opinion on which one is better in terms of quality and life span. Can both be worn as backpacks? Thank you!

Charmaine said...

Hey! The first link is the only one that can be worn as a backpack. The second link is better quality in my opinion. The pu leather is shiny and smooth while the bag in the first link is slightly rubbery and not smooth. Both bags can fit my binder and some school stuff, but cannot zip closed. I also found with that with the bag in the second link, when i pull down the flap to close the bag, a hole is exposed where they cut it out to put the lock thing. Haha it's kind of hard to explain! Both bags are good quality. I've been using the bag in the first link as my book bag and it's been good so far. For the price, I think it's a really good deal! I hope this helps! : ]

Jenny said...

Ah cool! Thank you so much for your reply! I've actually been reading some of your posts ever since I found your post! I think I'll get the bag that can act as a backpack since I'll need it for college.

I think your e.l.f. purchases have influenced me to buy stuff from their site. XD They look so cool and everything! I'm new to the whole makeup stuff since I turned 18. I don't know the first thing about putting on foundation, concealer, primers, or eyeshadow. D:

Charmaine said...

I'm glad to have helped! : ] Yeah, I didn't start wearing makeup until I was in college and went crazy watching makeup gurus on youtube! Now, I always look online for a review before I buy makeup! And for elf, it's so cheap, so why not? : ]

Jenny said...

Haha I'm in that phase right now! I'm just trying to find clothes at thrift stores since I need to save money for college. D: I still suck at putting on makeup, especially concealers and eyeshadow. Actually, do you have any tips on how to put in eyeshadow? The little sponge brush they give for eyeshadows suck D: The only eyeshadow brushes that I have are from the elf brush collection pack.

Charmaine said...

omg it's been so long I'm sorry for this late reply! >_<
I go shopping at thrift stores to save money too instead of going to the mall lol!
For concealers, I used to use a concealer brush with the sonia kashuk concealer palette, but now that it's summer, I use my ring finger to apply maybelline's mineral power concealer. It really helps to warm it up by patting it with your finger and spreading : ]
I use the $1 elf brushes when I apply eyeshadow. I actually don't wear full on done eyes out. Before I used to just play with makeup, applying it at home and then just taking a shower after haha! Some people like to use the sponge brushes, but I think those are just for simple eye looks. Is the elf brush collection you have from the essential ($1) or studio line?
Definitely practice and blend!