Saturday, August 7, 2010

not intended

biked to my house yesterday on my (finally!) finished bike! it was so scary driving on the road next to cars *wimp. had a picnic at the park and now my bony butt is sore. wore this:
head to toe urban outfitters. why do they have to have everything i want/need? and why are they making me hipster? i shouldn't wear just urban outfitters stuff anymore.
anyway, went to san francisco on sunday to see the renegade craft fair at fort mason. luckily, there was a farmer's market nearby because i didn't eat breakfast, so my sis and i bought some pastries. she also got a shampoo bar. the fair was big. i didn't know where to look, so i walked around in a daze. didn't see much to my liking except for a tote bag with chewbacca, day of the dead style.
they had a picture booth with free pictures!

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