Thursday, April 15, 2010

the bathroom smelled like calamari

got this white eyelet dress from Miss. Wendy of Hand it Over via her blog shop. the spring weather is inspiring me. i'm sad i can't pull off the socks with sandals look though. my legs are too muscular for it n'est-ce pas? pin curls! unfortunately, it didn't turn out right this morning because the bobby pins left marks. i don't want to be using heat tools all the time though.goodies from vancouver, canada via the boypren. i already have this vivi, but it's a different version (not sure which) so it has additions. also got an eyebrow pencil by marcelle. this color is perfect for my brows. i'm loving the full brow look. it's so young and fresh!and finally, making some amigurumi dolls.


lynnette said...

ahhh amigurumi dolls!!! so that's what they're called hahaha XD totally cute. let's see the finished product!

denise said...

i am allllll for thick eyebrows! mine are like caterpillars above my eyes hahahaha and i LOVE that white dress with the socks and sandals!!! I really need to get me a pair of brown leather clunky sandals for spring :D