Friday, July 31, 2009

more more more

omg in love with this song! especially lovin the short shorts :D

Thursday, July 16, 2009

fairs & bbq

what i've been doing lately: fairs, bbq, and lots of nom.
japanese curry nom. omg so good!!!
my favorite drink right now, hazelnut italian soda (no whipped cream though. boo! and i think the guy used orange or lemon flavored soda water :[)tapioca drinks, a late night nom. so convenient it's down the street!
Great America picnic nom via mom's work's summer picnic. <3 potato salad! sadly, all this food was thrown away.what i wore to eat at Great America theme park (no fun! had no time to ride the rides :[)
it's amazing how wearing different shoes can totally change an outfit. am i the last one to know this?
went to the Alameda County Fair and of course, ate more. this was especially delicious. pulled pork, baked beans, and coleslaw?! omg so good...went because the boypren was playing.
finally presenting the boypren:
muahaha.opened an account at citibank (thus the piggy bank :D) but felt bad afterwards because my mom used my bonds to pay for the $100 down payment thing. i asked "what are these for?" and she looks at me all mad saying "for emergency" guh.

Friday, July 10, 2009

sky holds the sun

feeling sick right now...bleh...i think it's the smell from nail polish. gah. received some things i ordered from American Eagle, including this nail polish. don't know exactly what the color is, it's always different, but im liking it.also got my things from forever21. i love getting packages in the mail. it's like christmas all over again :]gotta love those fabulous finds :] (tank and sandals)
outfit from awhile ago when i watched transformers 2. everyone liked it, but i thought it was eh. two climaxes, overly long fighting scenes, a total advertisement for the army, and an abrupt ending make me think, eh. but at least i can walk in these wedges! i think that wearing my heeled boots have taught me how :] yay!
meanwhile, pilates is kicking my butt! it seems to get harder with each class. needing a mat because who knows what's been on the mats at school, especially when one needs to lay their face on it :[ liking this one. it's eco friendly!was crazy depressed over the weekend, and when i say crazy, i mean staying in bed all day: sleeping, crying, reading, writing in journal, and repeating. it was a bad couple of days. one of the reasons was because my chicken was gone. my dad had long wanted it gone. i went out and couldnt find it so i thought he killed it and put in the garbage or something, but i didn't want to ask him. i later found out that my mom gave it to her coworker, "to keep or to eat?" i asked her, but she didn't know. we were supposed to bring it to my auntie's farm, but it's 2 hours away and we didn't have time. i would have preferred it there. i didn't get to say goodbye to it either. goodbye chicken.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

girl in the man flannel

the boypren graduated from college a few weeks ago. got him this. oh the stuff you find at thrift stores.i love to wrap up cute little presents!
wore a dress i thrifted a long time ago, but never wore because i didn't have the right bra for it, but now i do!lol, i think cropped pictures of oneself is conceited and corny. they remind me of myspaces and facebooks.
here is my girl, kelly. i heart her and her obsession with twilight! she has got me into it.
lol a guy at the party asked for my name and says, "okay, girl in the man flannel"
i never knew patron came in this size. it's as big as my head or even bigger!
waiting for these items to ship from forever21. added stuff to the cart when my brother was buying shorts. muahaha. i hope the tank is loose enough! and can't wait for the sandals. can't slip my shoes on anymore, they stink!!! and flip flops just don't look right.
why oh why didn't these show up when i had the chance?
and wanting jeans from walmart. they don't have my size in the lighter colored one. figuring the darker one is a step up from the one i have now and the lighter ones are perfect for summer! no more burning legs from dark denim!