Sunday, June 28, 2009


favorite thing to whip up late at night. in love with the sauce. tastes like the cajun wings at wingstop!went to the don edwards san francisco bay national wildlife refuge today bc my sis was attending a class on the restoration project they have going on. ate lunch in an empty classroom. i think they put this (stuffed?) owl to scare the kids.
the place was cute, old, and kid-friendly. walking up to the observatory was especially fun. it was like going up to a tree house.
after got a banana split that i've been wanting the past few days. it wasn't that great :(late night run to in-n-out and tapioca. i love the shape of this tee, but can't seem to get the mascara and makeup remover stain out of it :(h&m tee, clubbing shorts lol, american eagle wedges
being 94 degrees today, there had to be a blackout. one of the fun things about summer.
candles, flashlights, puppets, excitement, too bright ds's, and an app on the ipod touch just for light.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

sticky & uncomfortable

toasted croissant, cream cheese, and smoked salmon (from costco of course!)=delicious nomwent to Iguanas Burritozilla this past thursday for their open mic because the boypren was playing. found out that open mics are not my scene. the stuffy air inside the enclosed room from all the bodies, sticky walls to lean against, afraid of blocking people's views who are standing in the back (oh wait, how can i do that? i'm only 4'11' lol) the vibrations from the bass, seeing all the people who were into the music, nodding their heads, feeling it...yeah. im glad i experienced it though :D and im definitely glad i wore this:converse tank, bandeau bra, thrifted skirt
recently got this bandeau bra after my yearning to wear strapless things. still falls down, but oh well, works for me!
sorry for my pits. looking for solutions for the darkness, but i think the only answer is skin lightening deodorants. guh. keeping my arms down for now.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

of course there's nobody on

my friend turned 20 on wednesday and went out for dinner and bowling.h&m vest, f21 top & skirt, thrifted boots
went to santa beach boardwalk the next day.
finally wore my hat!jumping pictures are the best!finally wore my bathing suit too. bought it last summer and never wore it until now.AE hat, UO suit, Walmart jeans
now it's time to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's and Some Like it Hot for the umpteenth time :[

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

school start already!!!

had too many split ends. cut my hair. wish i didn't. turned into a cavewoman. but with modern tools, teased, and liking the effect.missing this:it's not the same...not the same...thinking about crossroads........damn themwent to crossroads a couple of days ago to sell some stuff i dont wear anymore. was hoping to get something tangible, but they only took 3 items giving me $10.15. dang.
wishing august and the beginning of school would roll around already. summer has just started too. guh!