Sunday, June 28, 2009


favorite thing to whip up late at night. in love with the sauce. tastes like the cajun wings at wingstop!went to the don edwards san francisco bay national wildlife refuge today bc my sis was attending a class on the restoration project they have going on. ate lunch in an empty classroom. i think they put this (stuffed?) owl to scare the kids.
the place was cute, old, and kid-friendly. walking up to the observatory was especially fun. it was like going up to a tree house.
after got a banana split that i've been wanting the past few days. it wasn't that great :(late night run to in-n-out and tapioca. i love the shape of this tee, but can't seem to get the mascara and makeup remover stain out of it :(h&m tee, clubbing shorts lol, american eagle wedges
being 94 degrees today, there had to be a blackout. one of the fun things about summer.
candles, flashlights, puppets, excitement, too bright ds's, and an app on the ipod touch just for light.


denise said...

oh that shadow puppet thing looks coooooool. black outs scaaare me

macyaverage said...

that banana split looks amaaazing!

Miranda said...

blackouts are fun haha
i always get hungry after visiting your blog!!@

Danielle said...

Too bad about the stains. I hate getting stains in my shirts!

Winnie said...

Hope you manage to get that stain out, it's a great top! Also this post is making me hungry...yuuuum.

Imogen said...

Cute outfit. Your late night snack looks very tasty. Also, I think blackouts can be fun, cool pictures.

Raez said...

ah, youre making me so hungry! it look delish!

xx raez

Virgos Lounge said...

now im

Beki said...

Frank's Red Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I may have an addiction problem.

Gloria C. said...

Oooh that looks delicious
noticed your bagels post
Capers + creame cheese & bagels = delicious too :D

Marian said...

the banana split looks yummy! you have got me craving one so much