Sunday, December 13, 2009


4 finals coming up this week! can't wait for everything to be over, but i'm going to hate the month long break before spring semester. wwwwhhyyy!!!!!made those clover & orange ornament things and tried to make hello kitty -_-
why haven't i got these before?! i wouldn't have had to suffer and mess up my heels!!! they're great! they keep the shoe in place so it doesn't rub up against my heels and they filled up the extra space in my pointed flats. wow purple eyeshadow really does make brown eyes pop!and really loving this foaming makeup cleanser from clean & clear. my life is now complete. lol :]


denise said...

you look soo cute with all the makeup!! and those shoes look cute too.
and OMG what is that first pic!?!?

beckyxoxo said...

Good luck with the exam ! Love your make up :D

Miranda said...

your eyes look amazing girl!
how have you been?!