Wednesday, September 16, 2009

small world

been taking many sushi excursions due to the boypren's want of sake. looking forward to trying out all the sushi places around the area. i hope this obsession never ends :]
Philadelphia good...i want to try to make this at home :]!bread!!! i love it but it's getting dirty and looks ridiculous on a cell phone, so i took it off.brewing some sweet tea. nothing to drink at home other than water or coke. guh.
ugh when will the weather get cooler?! i want to wear this jacket!
recent (not recent anymore, a long time ago actually) goods:
h&m jacket & skirt, bag: gift from vietnam
fell in love again with rosebud salve. put it away when i got it bc the boypren said it reminded him of old people (-_-) but found it again. perfect for chapped lips. i also use it for dry spots on my face :/been having a nail polish obsession lately. currently wearing e.l.f. nail polish in nude. i love the color put it takes 5-6 coats to show up:mon favori color right now: revlon's mad about mango <3>


denise said...

heahae thres lots of those bread keychains in hk too!!! so squishy yeah??? oh gosh that sushi looks sooo good!!!

Winnie said...

The bread keychains are so funny! The sushi and bento looks so good, definitely make some at home, it's JUST as good!

Jessica said...

hyaaaaa i loveee sushi!! :)

yiqin; said...


$ouLphate said...

omg the sushi looks delicious! never heard of philadelphia roll before but it sure looks yummy! i read that your sick of it? noooo, sushi is always good!! haha love the bag btw ^^