Monday, August 24, 2009

back to school

woo for back to school! had my first day of classes today. i was excited to be starting school again (even having butterflies going there) but now i'm just dead tired.realized these shorts are too short for school...or outside. :[ i feel like a slut now :[
went to marukai to kill my 3 hour break. gah breaks!!!
delicious drinks!!! lol the grapefruit tea is SALTY! (but not really :D)
MMMM wasabi shrimp chips! they were on sale for $0.98 so we got a bunch :D
some randomness:
-delicious sushi!
-uncosiderate, snobby bitch. gosh, i hate it when people put their feet on the seat in front of them. i'm passive aggressive so i can't go up and be like "move your feet". i'll just take a picture and bitch about them :D
-delicious cinnamon dulce latte! i knew i had at least $3 left on my debit card and ordered a caffe latte with cinnamon dulce syrup ($2.60+$0.40=$3) but apparently they have a "cinnamon dulce latte" at $3.30 (isn't it the same thing?) and the barista charged me that. i was worried i went over so i asked my sis to check online and OMG i had ONE PENNY LEFT! *whew* :D


Terry said...

Mmmm shrimp chips! Haha, old Asian favorite, I think. (:

mice said...

your outfit looks so lovley!

Kim Mohr said...

It is awesome having one so close:)
My first day of school is today, I leave for it in like, 30 minutes, I'm soo nervous.

denise said...

heahe my first day of school jitters has now become my first day of WORK jitters, which I just had on Monday,...and I was like 5 mintues late UGH. Stupid train.

Style Bird said...

I love your outfit..great shorts.

yiqin; said...

Woah the sushi look good.

Winnie said...

Oh the shrimp chips are one of my childhood favourites!!

Also I hate that too, people who put their feet up at the cinema..grrr.

Jessica said...

yumyuuum food!!!
cute outfit btw :)

Marian said...

i like those cute shorts!