Friday, March 20, 2009

in my life

i have the smiths in my head. well, actually only morrissey.

didn't wear this today but all i've been wearing lately is this black cardigan, jeans, and sneakers. can't get enough of it. especially the sneakers. i've been looking for a pair that aren't vans or converse and this pair is perfect!!! it was a bitch to break in but they're comfortable now. i need to get another pair for when these get eh.yay it's spring break! it feels sooo good to be over with midterms! kinda bummed though because i don't have any plans. i wish i had school so i could have something to do! at least one thing i can do over break is tend to the garden. my sister has gone garden crazy lately.
there is a very pretty tree out in the front. haha you can see my sister.watched knowing. scared the hell out of me. i hate those catastrophe/end of world/sci fi movies. i'm going to have nightmares tonight. but the good thing was eating vietnamese food in the theatre. so delicious! it's just too noisy with the paper and plastic. plus the smell too. oh well haha.
i saw a kitty on top of the shed/chicken house. i think it was waiting for the chicken to come out. :|


Gloria C. said...

You have chickens too?!

I've always wanted chickens.

I hate breaking in new shoes.
Only once have I had a pair of shoes that felt like a dream on my feet and they were these cheap $10 shoes I picked up on sale at dillards -___-

yiqin; said...

The vest fits you so well!! :)

Emz said...

Spring break is fantastic =) I love those flowers! And haha yea I love it when I find an outfit I love and just continuously repeat it in different ways, its so easy to get dressed the in morning!

ess elsie. said...

those strawberries look very bizarre to me. and i just can't watch knowing, i know i won't be able to sleep. me and future movies... not the best mix.

love those shoes. i've been meaning to pick up a pair of sneakers now that mine got kidnapped when i left them at school and those look smashing.

true true, public transportation is crazzyyy. along with boop guy, this guy came on smelling like whiskey... it was seven in the morning! like WTF! but yes, thank god we don't have creepy pervs here.

A Rage In Jersey said...

i wish i had a garden! :( and very cute outfit.

Trish said...

Cool pictures! Btw, the movie is Ectasy of Angels. :) I think it is a Japanese movie or something. Hihi. Shocking photo, right? :))

Farren said...

i love that smiths song. =) and that strawberry? is adorable!