Friday, December 26, 2008

hugs, urawaza, and lomo

yay, i love these salt shakers i got from the boypren for xmas:woo, i was actually looking for a salt shaker because our salt shaker had an ant in it :[ and i like to put salt on a lot of food :]
i really want to play with the present i got him though :)
LOMO clear action sampler
Urawaza: Tips & Tricks from Japan

Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry xmas!!!

Merry xmas everyone!!! gah, i haven't written in such a long time! nothing great really happening and outfit-wise, it's been boring because there's no inspiration in this cold weather :[ i did score a pleather jacket though. <3!!!
i saw this picture of mischa barton in yahoo's omg and immediately thought of amy sedaris's character in Strangers With Candy (i love that show! so funny)
this should show why girls should not wear leggings alone with a short tee or sweater. especially with uggs! ugh! they're called uggs because they're uggLY! yes, i know they're comfortable, but at least stop dragging your feet in them! guh. anyway, wearing leggings alone are not flattering. seriously, i DONOT want to see your crotch and ass!!! please wear something long enough that covers it!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i'm only sleeping

i'm eating an apple right now. they're so yummy and delicious :Dblazer: savers
cardigan: boypren's americanapparel
the weather has been so cold lately. makes me sad :(
today was the last day of the semester yay! no school until january 22 but two finals coming up. gah. today i realized that my gpa could be 1.75 because i stopped going to my film class and didn't do the film analysis paper and planning to not do the final. guh whatever i don't really care. i have 3 semesters to bring my gpa up to whatever minimum it needs to be for whatever major i'm going to take. if i even decide a major then. oh well!
"i'm only sleeping" heard today in a long while. this cartoon is really cute:

in my english class senior year we were supposed to do a blues poem and i was inspired by this song.

I'm only sleeping
On my bed
I'm only sleeping
On my head
I'm going to sleep
And wake in dread

There's someone standing
I know from where
That person is standing
I wished to be there
Now we're standing
And I've lost control

I didn't want to wake up
Just stay in my bed
I just woke up
With a though in my head
And realized
I have nothing to dread

really lame. ah, the assignments students have to do.