Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i'm only sleeping

i'm eating an apple right now. they're so yummy and delicious :Dblazer: savers
cardigan: boypren's americanapparel
the weather has been so cold lately. makes me sad :(
today was the last day of the semester yay! no school until january 22 but two finals coming up. gah. today i realized that my gpa could be 1.75 because i stopped going to my film class and didn't do the film analysis paper and planning to not do the final. guh whatever i don't really care. i have 3 semesters to bring my gpa up to whatever minimum it needs to be for whatever major i'm going to take. if i even decide a major then. oh well!
"i'm only sleeping" heard today in a long while. this cartoon is really cute:

in my english class senior year we were supposed to do a blues poem and i was inspired by this song.

I'm only sleeping
On my bed
I'm only sleeping
On my head
I'm going to sleep
And wake in dread

There's someone standing
I know from where
That person is standing
I wished to be there
Now we're standing
And I've lost control

I didn't want to wake up
Just stay in my bed
I just woke up
With a though in my head
And realized
I have nothing to dread

really lame. ah, the assignments students have to do.


Trish said...

Loving the outfit, dear! :)

Ess Elsie. said...

yay beatles!

and ew finals. tomorrow's my last day of classes then finals on friday. ughh, fml.

May Kasahara said...

love it lady - good luck with finals!

I'm jealous of your apple - I'm allergic to them :*(

Miranda said...

great outfit :)
and i hope you bring your grades up!!!

Shen-Shen said...

Grrr I wish my boyfriend dressed in American Apparel so I could steal his cardigans!

Anonymous said...

oh wow, you have such a long winter break!
enjoy it!

and cute as always!