Saturday, December 31, 2011

ecotools kabuki set


I went to Target recently and found this set by ecotools. I was thinking of buying the flat top and angled kabuki from sigma makeup, but after getting this set I don't think I need it anymore. I like how each of the brushes has their own use. The round contour kabuki is perfect for contouring. Although these brushes aren't as full as other kabuki brushes, they're soft and a great deal at $14.99

Sunday, December 11, 2011 haul & review!


I made my order on a Monday, it shipped on Thursday, and I received it the following Monday. Two of the items I ordered were out of stock which bummed me out because I really wanted those items. I wasn't notified of my items being out of stock. I found out by checking my account everyday to see the progress (such as "Purchase Underway", "Out of Stock", "Refunded", "Shipped", etc.). So in total, I bought 5 items totaling $74.50 with EMS shipping being $56. I was refunded for the oos items and the EMS shipping.


My order shipped really quickly, but the box was beat up. Items were individually wrapped.

Trendy Style Fur JK

This is my favorite item out of the bunch. I've been looking for a furry cardigan/coat and this is exactly what I've been looking for! It is warm and it has pockets! It also comes with a leather belt.

walker boots

I'm really happy with these boots as well. I ordered 240 which equals a US size 7 and they fit. The doc marten-looking ones were slightly snug but it was because the insole is very thick. I can't really order lace up boots here in the U.S. because the shaft is high. My calves are big so it doesn't really look good. I like lace up boots from Korea because the shaft is usually 5 inches, perfect for my legs.

sheer stockings

I also ordered these back-seam stockings and another pair of sheer stockings. They were cheap ($4.50 & $3).

Overall, I would definitely order from them again. I actually want to get the fur jacket in beige and I need to stock up on the boots! The only problem with is that the shipping is expensive.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

something new


My order from shipped today! I'll be posting and reviewing it soon!