Monday, March 29, 2010

vintage expo

went to the vintage expo in San Francisco last sunday and it was fun, except i lost my favorite black cardigan/sweater. so sad T_T
should i??cone boobs lolclose ups and a top that i got:
loving matte orange nail polish from Urban Outfitters
we ate at a french restaurant called Absinthe. the croque monsieur was delicious, but i felt uncomfortable the whole time because here we were, asian looking kids, while the rest were caucasian mid-20s and upwards. it's weird to say that i'm not used to being the minority.went to the mall afterwards and got 5 for $15 undies from American Eagle lol. also went to l'occitane and got a different kind of rose hand cream, but this one is more old lady smelling T_T it's okay though because i ordered another rosebud hand cream on ebay.passed by target today to get a 1 1/4 curling iron (which i loove) and saw that they had elf cosmetics! yay! now i don't have to order online anymore! stocked up on clear mascara for my brows and bought another eyelash curler that has a closed handle which i love as well!i want to try this volumizer because my hair is so helplessly flat, but i don't think it'll help since my hair is long and heavy. also got this covergirl mascara. i was so sad that they discontinued my favorite mascara from them, the green waterproof one with the curved brush. gotta try this one out to see if it's still the same!

Friday, March 26, 2010

deluxe sample

goodies from sephora : ]
ahh my love! the reason i ordered this stuff in the first place. not good. it's a deluxe sample of chloe eau de toilette which has a refreshing rose smell. perfect to go with my rose obsession. definitely getting the full sized one next.
this little book of concealers is so cute. sadly erase paste is too pink for me, but i'm loving the rest!
mmm this lip balm is so good! smells like the taste of mango milk tea and i like how it gives some coral color.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


blazer: thrifted, cardigan: American Apparel, jeans: Walmart, boots: thrifted
got a flat iron to curl my hair and the curls are i want to try a hair setter.
BUNNIES OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my sister volunteers at the humane society and took pictures of these 4 month year old bunnies!!!!!!!! (>_<)!!!
the bunny on the right is lady gaga (lol) it's so cute how the bunny on the left is hopping away!!! (>_<)!!!
eee!!! this is piglet, my friend's guinea pig and her very cute butt : ]
really wanting a bike now that it's practically summer at the moment. something like this but not black.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


cardigan: Urban Outfitters, pants: thrifted, flats: Urban Outfitters
i'm not one to wear pants other than jeans, but decided to wear these on a whim and glad i did because it's different from my usual and really comfy! too bad i decided to wear these wool pants when the weather was warm : /

EVIL EYELASH CURLER! i really like now this elf eyelash curler curls my eyelashes, but since the handle isn't one of those circular ones, accidents happen. and they're painful!!! ripped some eyelashes and thought my eye was going to get bruised the last time it happened. keeping it away...for now.
finally found a much needed pair of good jeans. the best part: they're $9.50 from Forever21! now that i know my size there, i can order cheap jeans yaaaay!
so in love with rose right now. rosebud hand cream from l'occitane, rosebud salve, soon to have chloe eau de toilette deluxe sample...even rose milk tea! i'm in love with rose!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

some stuff

went to a knitting convention at the santa clara convention center. took the light rail there and was thirsty for smoothies and there you go, they had smoothies. i didn't get one though : /
got size 15 dpns and a defuzzer comb. it really works and it's fun to use : ]
bought this concealer even though it wasn't on sale because i just had to get something (which is not very good). the yellow side doesn't neutralize my dark circles much and the concealer side is too light for my skin tone. i am still on an epic search to find the perfect concealer -_-
on the search for high waisted pants to make into high waisted shorts. found these at goodwill and they fit me perfectly because they're hemmed at the right length. these pants totally remind me of my filipino stats teacher who wears 80s outfits complete with high waists, shoulder padded blazers, and frilly hair accessories.
made more cute dolls (they are mini versions) because i was bored. i really hate weekends because i have nothing to do. if i could have it, there wouldn't be weekends.
doesn't the monkey look weird? it's the eyes : / but he's still my favorite! : ]